NAF Core Library



The NAF Core Library consists of all code common to the NAF tools: the NAF read/write routines used by all of the NAF tools to handle NAF I/O, and the NAF flow key filter functionality used in nafalize and nafilter. These routines are split out into a separately installed library to allow other applications to read and write NAF IPFIX files.


The NAF Core Library is distributed and installed with the NAF tools, available at

Download NAF 0.5.1 from


The NAF Core Library is automatically built and installed as part of the NAF installation process. See the NAF README file for details.


NAF is copyright 2005-2006 Carnegie Mellon University, and is released under the GNU General Public License. See the COPYING file in the distribution for details.

NAF was developed at the CERT Network Situational Awareness Group by Brian Trammell <>.

© 2005-2006 Carnegie Mellon University
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