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  • Libair is a set of common utilities used by the rest of the AirCERT project. The functionality is broken down into four main modules:

    • xml: DTD-driven XML parsing and generation code (formerly libih)
    • db: database access abstraction code
    • xform: generic data transformation engine
    • util: utility functions (e.g., logging, memory allocation)

    At this time, libair is meant to be used from C (and possibly C++) programs. There are no run-time binding for Java, perl, Python, or any other language.

    The current code-base was designed and tested on Linux, Free/OpenBSD, and Mac OS X, but should be usable (although untested) without change to other unix platforms as well as Windows.

    Libair is released under the LGPL license.

    Copyright © 2002-2003, Carnegie Mellon University