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air_xml_tree_st Struct Reference

a tree. More...

Data Fields

air_xml_schema_type_t t_type
char * t_pathsep
air_size_t t_n_nodes
air_size_t t_n_iters
air_err_t t_last_error
void * t_ext

Detailed Description

a tree.

A tree corresponds to a given XML document.

Field Documentation

air_ualloc_t* air_xml_tree_st::t_ualloc

tree type, i.e., the DTD

air_xml_node_t* air_xml_tree_st::t_root

memory allocator

char* air_xml_tree_st::t_pathsep

root node of the tree

air_size_t air_xml_tree_st::t_n_nodes

element name seperator in a path string

air_size_t air_xml_tree_st::t_n_iters

count of nodes

air_err_t air_xml_tree_st::t_last_error

count of iterators

void* air_xml_tree_st::t_ext

last error on the tree

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