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This area of project website is devoted to relevant tools used by the AirCERT project but developed elsewhere, or tools that make use of its components. No warrenty is provided for this software.


author: Arne Helme <>
README   |    download: ihsh-0.9.1.tgz

IHSH is a small LibAir-based command-line tool manage (create, read, write, and experiment with) XML formatted IODEF messages. It is based on the LibAir library, and implements a small command interpreter that can be invoked from Unix SHell scripts. Using IHSH's command IODEF messages can easily be created or modified. Using an XPAT-like syntax, it is possible to "walk" the internal data representation of IODEF messages in order to set/get values and attributes.

IHSH also contains basic support to communicate with ARS/Remedy. At the time of writing the code is experimental.

Copyright © 2003, Carnegie Mellon University