_MIOSink Struct Reference

MIO data sink structure. More...

#include <mio.h>

Data Fields

char * spec
 Sink specifier.
char * name
 Name of current sink pointer.
MIOType vsp_type
 Type of current sink pointer.
void * vsp
 Current sink pointer.
void * cfg
 Sink configuration; passed by caller to init.
void * ctx
 Sink context; privately managed by the sink.
MIOSinkFn next_sink
 Next sink function - called to iterate the sink.
MIOSinkFn close_sink
 Close sink function - called to close the current sink pointer.
MIOSinkFreeFn free_sink
 Free sink function - called to free all sink storage.
gboolean opened
 TRUE if next_sink has been called; i.e., vsp is valid.
gboolean active
 TRUE if application's sink open function has been called.
gboolean iterative
 TRUE if next_sink will open a different current sink pointer each time; FALSE for single outputs like sockets, single files, and standard output.

Detailed Description

MIO data sink structure.

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